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Prices & Ordering
*Note price changes for 2013 - Ask about quantity discounts*
Specials will be offered at each event for a limited time!
5x7 = $15
8x10 = $20
11x14 = $35
Shipping $2 per address
Photos will NOT be ordered until payment (including shipping) is received!!

Mail check & order info to:
Brenda Rettinger
5908 137th Ave SW
New England, ND 58547

OR ADD $2 and use paypal: twohanginb@yahoo.com  (do not use this e-mail for correspondence, I don't check it!)


Mail or e-mail (bossmare@ndsupernet.com picture number (be sure to tell me what event, draw number and which go or day), and your mailing address.

2013 Ty Tuff Goat Tying Challenge
Bowman, ND ** July 28, 2013

Photos will be cropped and corrected as needed upon order
Run 1
Run 2
When ordering pictures, please specify Run 1 or 2 and also provide a description of your horse and shirt/hat color so I can be sure it's you!

2013 Cans on the Calving Grounds- Race 1
Jane Thompson- 701-974-4294

Photos will be cropped and corrected upon order.

2013 Frosty Frolic Finals
May 5- Stanley, ND
Special thanks to Leigh Sheets for taking pictures while I ran my horse!

All in run order, and all in the same album.



2013 Triple Turn Classic
April 20-21- Bowman, ND
*By clicking the links, you are agreeing you understand that it is illegal to copy or "print screen" the low-resolution proofs. 

This includes sharing to Facebook or other social media.  Better quality
low-res prints are available without a watermark for $10.


Saturday PeeWees

Saturday Youth

Saturday Open - Order is Approximate Draw Numbers

Sunday PeeWees- Order is Approximate Draw Numbers

Sunday Youth- Order is Draw number +20

Sunday Open-Order is Approximate Draw Numbers

Please note, that I will be placing the first order to the lab on Friday, April 26.  If you'd like yours to be included in this first shipment, please e-mail (bossmare@ndsupernet.com) or Text (701-690-2109) or send me a Facebook Message (barrelpicscom or Brenda Rettinger).  I will need payment BEFORE I order.  Thanks for all the smiles at the barrelrace!



2012 Headless Horseman Barrel Race
Bowman, ND
November 3, 2012

PeeWee and Youth Pictures
In run order

Saturday Open Pictures
Your draw number should be your picture number

2012 Slope County Fair- Jane Thompson Photos


2012 Rockin' the Bakken Barrel Race

Grand Entry

Pee Wee and Youth Only Runs

Open and Youth Carryover Runs

2012 Triple Turn Classic

Saturday Pee Wee  ***   Saturday Youth
Saturday Open 1-100  ***  Saturday Open 101-200
Saturday Open 201-300  ***  Saturday Open 301-316


Sunday Pee Wee  ***  Sunday Youth
Sunday Open 1-100  ***  Sunday 101-200
Sunday 201-300  ***  Sunday 301- 318


No pictures will be mailed until payment is received!

2012 Dreaming of Summer Barrel Race

(pictures will be cropped and corrected, like this, upon order)

Pee Wee


Open #1 - In run order

Open #2 - In run order



2011 Bismarck Barrel Bonanza Pictures
Thanks to Connie Buck and Amanda Johnson for helping snap pictures so I could run my horses (if you were 5 before or after me, you can thank them, too)!

Saturday Barrel Pictures (all classes and candids)

Sunday Barrel Pictures (all classes and candids)



2011 Triple Turn Classic Photos

Pictures are "raw" from the camera, and will be cropped and corrected as ordered.  Wiring short caused flash failure on some pictures... I can lighten them a little, but sadly, not a lot. 

(The good news is that I have a "real" job and won't starve to death due to the epic failure! YAY!)

Prices & Ordering
5x7 = $15
8x10 = $20
Shipping $2 per address
Free low-res picture with any order, e-mailed to you for web use

To order: send an email to bossmare@ndsupernet with your name, address and the photo information (it will have a DCS__0000 number on it), along with the day and your draw number.
Example: Saturday, Draw 111 picture dcs__0011.  (easy, right?)
Photo will not be ordered until payment has been received!

Pee Wee    Youth    Open 1-50  Open 51-100  Open 101-150  Open 151-200 
Open 201-250  Open 250+

Pee Wee   Youth  Open 1-60   Open 61-120   Open 121-180   Open 181-240
Open 240+


Pictures are added in galleries in a raw form, right from the camera.  That way, I can get them uploaded faster.  I will crop and add any corrections once an order is placed.   I will also e-mail you a FREE low-resolution copy of your picture with any paid order.
Your low-res web picture is yours for any web purpose, including sales/promotion of your horse.

Catalog and sale picture sessions available!

I promise satisfaction, honesty and quality.
The pictures that you view in the gallery have not been altered in any way.  Once you order, I will crop them and color correct/balance them if needed.

I can take payments via PayPal, but you'll need to add 3% if you are using a credit card to cover the PayPal fees. 

I am not going to bust your chops about copyright rules.  Just remember that using the pictures via right click or print screen is THEFT and it's illegal.  If you chose to do it, that's up to you and your conscience! :)

  Here's the price list:

5x7- $15
8x10- $20

Posters and other sizes available; plus mouse pads, coffee mugs, etc.

I can also add effects and borders to your pictures.

  • Colored "Frame" with event name, date, and your desired information- $2

  • Black and White or Sepia - Free

  • Black and white with a single color highlighted- $5

  • Brush-strokes or "painted" effect- $5



Brenda Rettinger
5908 137th Ave SW
New England, ND 58647
701-879-6358 home
701-690-2109 cell


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